Way to Install Android 13 via Fastboot: Guide

Install Android 13 via Fastboot

Today in this guide, we will show our reader the way to Install Android 13 via Fastboot. Without wasting time, now let’s check the steps to Install Android 13 via Fastboot.

How to Install Android 13 via Fastboot Method

The following instructions are explained just under separate sections for you guys to understand easily. You should make sure to follow the exact sequence as listed.

Get Android SDK

First of all, you have to get the Android SDK on your computer. Actually, this is the official ADB & Fastboot binary which is offered by Google & is the only recommended one. Install it & then bring it out to any suitable location on your Personal Computer. It will provide you guys with the platform-tools folder. Though it will be used throughout this guide.

Get Android 13 Factory Image

Get the Android 13 firmware on your device. While we are using the Fastboot method, then you should get the Factory Image (not the OTA file). At the time when you guys have downloaded the firmware, bring it out to the platform-tools folder.

Enable USB Debugging & OEM Unlocking

Actually, this process will make the device more notable by the PC in ADB mode. This will permit you guys to boot your device to Fastboot Mode. On the other hand, OEM Unlocking is actually needed to manage the bootloader unlocking process.

Open Settings > About Phone > Tap on Build Number 7 times > Again go to Settings > System > Advanced > Developer Options > Enable USB Debugging & OEM Unlocking.

Unlock Bootloader to Install Android 13 via Fastboot

Now unlock the device’s bootloader. In case you guys had updated your device via Flash Tool or Fastboot, the bootloader will also be already unlocked. But in case you guys had upgraded by using the ADB sideload, at that time would you guys just need to conduct this task. Also, remember that it will clear all the data from your device & also could nullify its warranty.

Boot to Fastboot Mode

  1. Here you have to connect your device to the Personal Computer by using the USB cable. Ensure USB Debugging is enabled.
  2. Go to the platform-tools folder, copy and paste in CMD in the address bar, & press Enter. This will set up the Command Prompt.
  3. Copy and paste the below command in the CMD window in order to boot your device to Fastboot Mode
    adb reboot bootloader
  4. In order to check the Fastboot connection, copy and paste the following command.
    fastboot devices

Preserve Data to Install Android 13 via Fastboot

In case you guys want, you probably tweak the flash file & command/inform it not to clear the data while installing Android 13. But, that is not the suggested thing & should be avoided, more so in case you guys are doing OS upgrades. Whether you want to try it out, so here is what you guys need to do:

  1. Initially, get a new text editor just Notepadd++.
  2. Open the extracted firmware folder, then simply right-click on the flash-all.exe file.
  3. Choose Show More Options > Edit by using Notepad++.
  4. Delete the -w keyword from the fastboot update command. In case the command is:
    fastboot -w update image-sunfish-tpp1.220114.016.zip
  5. Then it will become:
    fastboot update image-sunfish-tpp1.220114.016.zip
  6. When it is completed, then press Ctrl+S to save the changes.

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Install Android 13 via Fastboot

  1. First of all, you have to make sure that the device is simply booted to Fastboot & connected to a computer by using the USB.
  2. In case that’s great, so then you have to go to the extracted firmware folder. Double tap on the flash-all.exe. file.
  3. Now the flashing process will start.
  4. In the course of flashing, it will instinctively restart to Fastboot including FastbootD Modes.
  5. At the time when the process is completed, then you guys will be informed of the same & the device will boot to the OS.


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