Use Invisible Ink in iMessage on iPhone & iPad

Invisible Ink in iMessage

iPhone Messages application has special bubble & screen effects that make the chatting encounter favorable. Actually, one of the bubble effects, known as Invisible Ink, has been a hit among iMessage users. This allows you to hide the message text just behind a calm animation. The recipient just desires to swipe over the blurred message in order to view the content. Now let’s show you the way to send Invisible Ink iMessage from your iPhone & as well as iPad.

Send iMessage using the Invisible Ink effect from your iPhone

  1. First of all, go to the Messages app on the iPhone device. Head inside a conversation.
  2. Now you should write the desired message. You probably also choose an image.
  3. Here you should long-press the ‘send arrow‘ icon.
  4. Select the INVISIBLE INK and click the arrow icon in order to send the message with this effect

View the iMessage sent with Invisible Ink on the iPhone

In order to see the messages sent via the Invisible Ink, here you have to swipe over the fuzzy dotted animation. It will disclose the text/image.

Keep in mind that iOS 10 or above is required to send & also see messages with the Invisible Ink effect.

Important Note: You are unable to send messages along with Invisible Ink by using the Apple Watch. In case you guys get one on your wrist, then you are able to see the same by swiping over it.

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Actually, it is best for building excitement, surprises, as well as creating suspense,(in case you guys are into that), & such. At the time when you guys start using this, then you will often locate yourself sending it to your partner, friend, siblings, etc.

In addition, bubble & screen effects (as well as Invisible Ink) are present in the Messages application on Mac running macOS Big Sur.

Furthermore, you are able to also send a standard text (SMS) via Invisible Ink. However, it will serve no purpose. The recipient gets the text without any effect. But, at the bottom of the text message, it just states that ‘sent with Invisible Ink.’


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