Tips & Tricks to Unbrick Realme GT Neo 2 via OFP Firmware

Unbrick Realme GT Neo 2

Today in this guide, we’ll show you the ways to unbrick the Realme GT Neo 2 device. Now let’s start the guide.

Way to Unbrick Realme GT Neo 2 via OFP Firmware

Unlock Bootloader on Realme GT Neo 2

Initially, you have to ensure that the bootloader on the device is already unlocked. When your device is bricked, so possibilities are it will already be the case.

Actually, Realme needs you to get an APK file. However, you would not be able to do so in the newest device state. You guys can flash OFP firmware files by using the MSM Download Tool. But, you guys will need the login credentials for that tool, which is not too easy to get. It seems to be the dad end for those devices whose bootloader is locked.

Install Python

Then install Python on the Computer. Download it from its official site & then proceed with the on-screen tips and tricks to install it. Here ensure to check “Add Python to Path” during the initial setup screen.

Download OppoRealme-OFP-Flash Tool

  1. Firstly, get hold of the OppoRealme-OFP-Flash Tool.
  2. Actually, this tool will be used in order to flash the OFP unbrick firmware file on the Realme GT Neo 2.
  3. At the time when it is downloaded, so then bring it out to any convenient location on the Computer.
  4. Go to that folder’s address bar, copy and paste in CMD, and press Enter.
  5. This will set up the Command Prompt. Bring out the following command to get the Python dependencies:
    pip3 install -r requirements.txt
  6. In case you guys get a warning as displayed in the image, it is entirely normal & nothing to fret about.

Get Unbrick Firmware for Realme GT Neo 2

Here you should download the firmware corresponding to the region from the follow mentioned link. When you guys have downloaded the firmware, you should extract it just inside the OppoRealme-OFP-Flash Tool folder. [Firmware Credits: XDA Senior Member srcda].


RUI 2.0 Android 11 A.07: Download


RUI 2.0 Android 11 A.06: Download


RUI 2.0 Android 11 A.06: Download

Russia, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, & other regions​​

RUI 2.0 Android 11 A.02: Download

Boot Bricked Realme GT Neo 2 to Fastboot Mode

In most instances, a soft-bricked or boot-looped device probably already be stuck in the Fastboot Mode. In case you guys are stuck in a bootloop, you have to long-press the Power key in order to disable it. Now you should press & hold the Power and Volume Down keys (or Power and Volume Up) together in order to boot the device to Fastboot Mode.

In case you can’t switch off the device, you should let its battery drain out. At the time when that happens, so then you should connect it to the charger. And when it is about to boot up, use the Power & Volume Up/Down keys & it will straightaway boot to Fastboot Mode.

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Flash Unbrick Firmware on Realme GT Neo 2

  1. Firstly, you should open the folder where you guys have brought out the tool (the OFP firmware should be available there).
  2. Double-tap on the file. Now the tool will open & it would then get the OFP firmware.
  3. In case you guys have more than one firmware file available there, subsequently, the tool will ask which firmware to choose. Therefore, reply accordingly.
  4. Now it will ask what all partitions you guys must need to preserve. When the device is bricked, therefore, it wouldn’t be of any use to preserve these corrupt partitions. Let’s start afresh & type in 0.
  5. Accept the disclaimer by typing in 1. Now the tool will check the bootloader unlock status & Fastboot mode.
  6. If that’s great, the tool will start flashing the unbrick firmware file, which may take a few minutes.
  7. Once completed, your device will restart to the recently installed firmware. In case it does not happen, you probably manually restart it.


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