Tips and Tricks to fix Fastboot Commands not working

Fastboot Commands not working

Today in this guide, you will we will learn various ways to resolve the issue of Fastboot Commands not working on the Computer.

Resolve the issue Fastboot Commands not working

Get Android Bootloader Interface Drivers

Firstly, install the Fastboot Drivers on the Computer. Actually, this is required so that the Computer is able to check the connected device in Fastboot Mode.

Now just without these drivers, whilst you may still be able to manage the ADB commands, you would not be able to bring out any of the Fastboot Commands. Get these drivers right away & verify in case it resolves the Fastboot Commands not working issue.

Try USB Tweaks to fix Fastboot Commands not working

Well, It is suggested that you guys use the USB 2.0 Port & not the 3.0/3.1 Port as they purpose to cause a few conflicts along with Fastboot Mode. Also, you should consider just using the official USB cables that came along with the device.

In case it isn’t possible, then you probably use the USB cable that actually came shipped along with any other device, however, don’t use standalone USB cables. This is just because those cables are designed for modifying & File Transfer causes and do not work in custom development.

Get Android SDK Platform Tools

First of all, get the Android SDK platform-tools on your computer. Actually, this is the official ADB & Fastboot binary which is offered by Google & is the only recommended one. Install it & then bring it out to any suitable location on your Personal Computer. It will provide you guys with the platform-tools folder. Though it will be used throughout this guide.

Use CMD inside Platform-Toolsjust

Utilize the Command Prompt in order to bring out the Fastboot Command, as against PowerShell or Windows Terminal. Actually, in some examples, you probably have to an add addition period & slash just before a command in Powershell, which just only mess up the matter further. It’s too good to stick with Command Prompt itself. Further, set up the CMD just inside the platform-tools folder and bring out the commands there only.

Open the platform-tools folder, here copy and paste in CMD in its address bar, and press Enter. This will set up the Command Prompt along with the platform tools like the working directory. Another approach that you are able to take is to go to CMD from the Start Menu & use the cd command to modify the directory to the platform-tools folder, however, that is an unessential length process. Must remember these points and also check if it resolves the Fastboot Commands not functioning issue.

Check File Name and Location to fix Fastboot Commands not working

Firstly you should ensure that the file that you guys are about to flash is located inside the platform-tool folder only. Similarly, you should check that you guys have entered the right name (including its extension) in the CMD window.

Check the Flash Command [For TWRP]

  1. You won’t be able to flash the recovery by using the following command:
    fastboot flash recovery twrp.img
  2. Firstly, you guys will have to temporary boot the recovery just by using the boot partition via the command mentioned below:
    fastboot boot twrp.img
  3. You probably permanently get it just by flashing TWRP ZIP (in case available) or via the TWRP IMG file (Get Recovery Ramdisk, or by using the latest dedicated option available just under the Advanced menu, etc).

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Flash in FastbootD Mode

  1. Now you should flash some files in the FastbootD Mode.
  2. These files are mostly the partition files from the stock firmware (Like the radio.img for Pixel devices).
  3. Though from the Fastboot Mode, you can easily boot the device to the FastbootD Mode by using any of the following two commands:
    fastboot reboot fastboot
    fastboot reboot-bootloader
  4. At the time when your device is booted to FastbootD, then you should go ahead & flash the desired file, the basic issue should be fixed.

That’s it.

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