How to Enable the New Windows 11 Alt Tab Switcher

New Windows 11

Well, Guys! In this guide, we will here show you the methods to enable the new Alt-Tab switcher on the Windows 11 PC. The newest OS from the Redmond giant has brought in quite a few remarkable modifications. It’s the modernized UI that has managed to get most of the limelight. 

As per the newest enhancement, it is testing the latest Alt-Tab switcher. There is actually a great difference in the preview window including the translucency. Get a much smaller preview window, & also the foggy effect only surrounds the preview window while on the contrary, the remaining screen will be transparent. 

You will be executed to know that you guys could cut off this wait time & welcome it on your computer right away. Now let’s check it out.

Methods to Enable the New Windows 11 Alt-Tab Switcher

By using the Third-Party Application

  1. First of all, you have to download the ViveTool from GitHub. Extract it on your Personal Computer.
  2. On extraction, grab an EXE and a DLL file, send both of them to the below location:

  3. Go to the Start Menu, find CMD, & set it up as an administrator.
  4. Carry out the below command in this CMD window & press Enter:

    vivetool addconfig 36226836 2
  5. When you guys get the “successfully set feature configuration” message, reboot your Personal Computer.
  6. Now the Windows 11 PC will boot up along with the new Alt-Tab switcher.

By using the Registry Editor

  1. Open the Start Menu, find Registry Editor, & head to it.
  2. Type the below-listed location in the address bar

  3. You guys will view the EnabledState file on the right-hand side. Double-tap to go to it.
  4. Write in 2 in the Value Data field & press OK.
  5. Reboot your Personal Computer for the modifications to take place.

Bring Back the Old Windows 11 Alt-Tab Switcher

In case for some reason, the new Windows 11 Alt-Tab switcher does not meet up with your expectations. You want to revert to the previous one, then here is what you guys need to do.

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In case you guys had Enabled it by using the Third-Party Application

  1. In case you guys have enabled the new tab switcher using the ViceTool, then set it up the CMD as an administrator & carry out the below command

    vivetool delconfig 36226836 2
  2. Reboot your Personal Computer for the conversions to take place.

In case you had Enabled it by using Registry

  1. Set up Registry Editor & go to the exact location as before, that is:

  2. Go to the EnabledState file, modify its Value Data to 1 & tap OK to save it.
  3. Reboot your Personal Computer for the changes to be executed.

Therefore, these were the two various steps of enabling the new Alt-Tab switcher on the Windows 11 PC. As we have mentioned before, it’s just for the Insider Preview Build version 22526 users. & when it gets implemented for stable users, we will update this guide correctly. In conclusion, if you have any questions, you might drop them in the comments box below.

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