How to Downgrade Chromebook Chrome OS to an Older Version

Downgrade Chromebook

Would you want to know how to Downgrade Chromebook Chrome OS to an Older Version? If yes so then you are on the right place. Here we are going to explain to you thoroughly the whole process of how to Downgrade Chromebook Chrome OS to an Older Version. In case you are ready now then come with us and let’s get started it!

Downgrade Chromebook Chrome OS via Powerwash

Remember that the below-mentioned process will clear all your data from the Chromebook. Take a backup of all the data & subsequently proceed with the downgrade tips and tricks.

  1. First of all, go to your Chromebook’s log-in screen. Hit the Ctrl+Shift+Alt+R keys together.
  2. This will raise the Reset this Chromebook page by using the Powerwash button at the bottom right [Don’t tap on it].
  3. Now from that screen, hit again the Ctrl+Shift+Alt+R keys & acquire the latest Reset this Chromebook page.
  4. Now on the bottom right, the Powerwash button will be restored with the Powerwash & Revert. Therefore, tap on it.
  5. Now your Chromebook will go under a reset & will then be downgraded to the earlier stable build.
  6. Once completed, then you guys will be taken towards the setup screen. You have to now write in your credentials & launch it from scratch. Done.

Above mentioned steps were to downgrade your Chromebook Chrome OS to a previous version. Now let’s view how this could be carried out via Chromeboo’s terminal window.

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via Crosh

  1. First of all, you have to take a backup of all the data on the Chromebook.
  2. For heading to the Crosh terminal, you must have to use the Ctrl+Alt+T shortcut keys.
  3. Copy and paste in the below-mentioned command & press Enter:
  4. Now your Chromebook will undergo a reset & it will be downgraded to the earlier stable build.

That’s it.

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