Hearthstone Duels isn’t working | Resume Button Greyed Out

Hearthstone Duels isn't working

Different users have complained that their concern is that Duel not working with the expected lines. For lots of users, the game crashes when the match ends. Once they set up the game & open the Duels screen, they can also view the Resume button. Unluckily, it was useless as the button is greyed out & non-responsive. Consequently, the only option left is to force-reboot the client. In case you guys are getting bugged with this problem, here are the steps to resolve the Hearthstone Duels isn’t working problem & the resume button is greyed out. Follow along.

Resolve Hearthstone Duels not working | Resume Button Greyed Out

  1. First of all, you have to set up the Hearthstone game on the smartphone. Go to the Duels Mode.
  2. Now click on the screen at the place where the button to collect rewards would normally appear (in case it was not missing).
  3. Completed!

Avoid This Issue from Re-Appearing

  1. Once you guys are completed with the last game of the Heroic Duels run, do not close the Hearthstone client.
  2. Rather, you can also use the in-game accept function or permit the game to reach its conclusion.
  3. When that takes place, you probably then be able to gather your rewards for that run.
  4. At last close the Hearthstone client.


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Above all were the steps to fix the issue of Hearthstone Duels not working and the resume button being greyed out. Similarly, we have explained the instructions to stop this issue from reappearing in the near future.

Do you know what is the official stance on this problem? Alright! the developers have info about this issue & rectify it in the subsequent patch version 22.4. At the time when it will take place, at that time we will update this guide. So the above steps are the best bet.

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