Guide: Use Ultrawide, Telephoto, Macro Lens with Google Camera Port

Google Camera Port

Due to a latest Google Camera port, folks who have phone devices with more than one camera lens are able to now use them from within GCam mod. Actually, the Google Camera mod just worked with the primary lens on all phone devices despite physical hardware being available that permitted for Ultrawide, Telephoto & as well as Macro shots. Along with the latest GCam mod, now it’s possible to use these extra additional camera lenses.

Well, guys! by reading the below-mentioned guide you guys will learn the way to use Ultrawide, Telephoto, and Macro Camera Modes

Use Ultrawide, Telephoto & Macro Camera Modes:

Actually, this is the very first time users will use secondary camera modes on the Google Camera port, few important things are there that you guys just need to configure. Accurate GCam mod APK requires to be downloaded that has help for an extra lens.

Ahead is the way to configure including downloading the accurate Google Camera port for using the Ultrawide, telephoto & as well as macro lens on the phone device – no root needed!

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Get the Google Camera Port

Below is the newest Google Camera port based on Google Camera 7.3:

Download GCam_7.3.018_Urnyx05-v2.1_Wichaya_V2.5.apk
File Type APK
File Size 77.9MB

Configure Google Camera

  • First of all, you have to download the right configuration file for the phone device.
  • Establish a new folder on the phone device just at the same directory level like your phone’s DCIM folder & as well as name it Configs7
  • Go to GCam & also double-click the black area just around the capture button.
  • There will be no message which will be asking you to select the config file, from here select the one you guys have downloaded in Step 1.
  • At last, the application should reboot and then load the new configs. Open the Settings Advanced Settings and click on Auxiliary Camera. Here you should enable all the lenses which you want from the page.


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