Fix the issue Plex Slow & Lagging on your Samsung & LG Smart TV

Plex Slow & Lagging

Here are some steps to fix the Plex slow & lagging glitches on Samsung & LG Smart TV. Once it comes around the streaming media platforms, you are sure to locate the name Plex somewhere or the other. Such has been its command in its domain, that it is basically among the top of the priority queue for a number of users. The reality is that it is supported across a plethora of platforms, as well as the phones, smart TVs, and streaming boxes, & there is not much left to ask for.

Well, the below guide will help you out. Here we will show you guys the steps to resolve the Plex slow & lagging problems on Samsung & LG Smart TV. Here let’s get started.

Fix Plex Slow & Lagging on Samsung and LG Smart TV

Once it comes to LG smart TVs, subsequently the Plex app is supported on TVs running the WebOS 3.0 & higher versions. But, because root certificate limitations along with this OS, just webOS 5.0+ devices support secure connections with a personal Plex Media Server. Similarly, only the Samsung TVs that are running Tizen-based OS fall just under the application’s compatibility list. However, again, due to root certificate limitations with Tizen, most Samsung models won’t support secure connections along with a personal Plex Media Server.

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Permit Insecure Connections in Plex

  1. Go to the Settings menu on Plex.
  2. Head to the Advanced section (or Main section on older TVs).
  3. Set “Allow Insecure Connections” to “Always”.

Set Plex Media Server to Preferred Mode

  1. Open the Settings menu on Plex.
  2. Choose Network from the left menu bar.
  3. Tap on the scroll-down menu next in order to Secure Connections
  4. Choose Preferred from the menu.
  5. Done.

This was all from the above mentioned guide. It is the perfect method to fix this issue. Yet, this fix is the only way of rectifying this issue. Here we will update this guide as & when there is any further development & Plex rolls out the patch. You can drop in your question in the box below.

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