Fix Plex App Audio/Video Problems on One UI 4 & Samsung TV

Fix Plex App Audio

Here you will learn the steps to fix the Plex App Audio problems on Samsung TV & as well as video on your Samsung devices running One UI 4.0 Android 12. Actually, this streaming media service, including the media player platform, has lots of new features to its arsenal, & consequently, its rise to fame is a visible secret. But, making your existence felt across all these platforms would also

agree to have to deal along with consistently numerous issues as well.

Yet both audio & video playbacks are experiencing a glitch or two, across its smartphone including the TV application. Both these bugs seem to be just having a corresponding along with Samsung, as the problem is just with Samsung TV & its Galaxy devices managing Android 12. Now let’s check out the steps to fix the Plex App Audio problems on Samsung TV & as well as video issues on Samsung devices running One UI 4.0 Android 12.

Rectify the Plex App Audio glitches on Samsung TV

Lots of users have complained that playing a video. By using the Plex Application on the Samsung Smart TV, the audio quickly fades. And then there is no coming back. They have to then close the application and set it up for the problem to be resolved. But, it only offers them a temporary respite as the glitch appears again within a few minutes.

Actually, an underlying bug is there with the new Plex application that is causing audio-related issues. To fix it, you guys will just have to at that time downgrade the app to v1.24.3.5033. Remove the newly installed version & then roll it back to the said build & this rectifies the Plex app audio problem on the Samsung Smart TV.

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Way to Rectify Plex App Video Server Issues on Samsung One UI 4.0 Android 12

Many users reported that they can’t stream videos from their server. This problem is just bugging the Samsung device possessors who have just updated their devices. Simply to the new One UI 4.0 based on Android 12. In case they play content from their Library, then it is stuck on the loading screen. Furthermore, the choice to transcode or play original is missing

While writing, the Plex app has acknowledged this glitch but has not rolled out any patch or provided any ETA for the same. At the time when it happens, we will update this section properly. For now, you can also try the downgrade process, i.e. remove the newly installed version & sideload the prior stable build version on the device. You have to here check out if it spelled out success for you or not.

That’s now done!

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