Fix: Missing Icon Preview for EPS files in macOS Monterey

Missing Icon Preview

Here, we’ll show you different methods to resolve the missing icon preview for EPS files in macOS Monterey. Now let’s get started it!

Fix: Missing Icon Preview for EPS files in macOS Monterey

Edit the Info.plist File

  1. Go to the following directory
  2. Copy the “Illustrator.qlgenerator” file. Paste it on the Desktop.
  3. You have to now right-click on this Illustrator.qlgenerator file. Choose Show package contents.
  4. Go to the “Info.plist” file present in the “Contents” folder by using a text editor.
  5. Search for the below line in that file:
  6. Add the below line next to the above line (ensure that both these lines have the same indentation).
  7. Save this Info.plist” file. Copy the complete “Illustrator.qlgenerator” file. Type it in the below directory:
  8. That’s it.

Replace EPS Extension with AI to fix the issue of Missing Icon Preview for EPS files in macOS Monterey

  1. First of all, you should bring up the Finder menu. Open Preferences > Advanced.
  2. Checkmark “Show all filename extensions”.
  3. Additionally, you have unchecked “Show warning before changing an extension”.
  4. Open the folder where the EPS files are visible, choose all EPS files.
  5. Perform a right-click. Choose “Rename XX Items…”
  6. Rename Finder Items menu will now appear, choose to Replace Text.
  7. Just under Find, you should type in EPS, & under Replace along with, type in AI.
  8. Hit on the Rename button & wait for the process to complete.
  9. Once completed, verify if it resolves the missing icon preview for EPS files in macOS Monterey.

Use the Safe Mode Tweak

Once you guys boot your Personal Computer to Safe Mode, subsequently it will disable all the third-party applications & services. In case the issue is no longer available in this mode, then the culprit could well be a third-party application itself, which you guys need to remove right away from the Personal Computer to fix the underlying issue. Therefore, on that note, let’s start off along with this fix.

  1. Firstly, you have to boot your Mac to Safe Mode:
    • For Intel Processor: Restart your Mac > When it is booting up, press & hold the Shift key > Release Shift when you guys view the login screen > Login to your Mac > You will view the Safe Mode option in the top right corner, tap on it. Now your Mac will boot to Safe Mode.
    • For Silicon Processor: Reboot the Mac > Press & hold the Power button until you guys see the Startup window > Choose the startup disk > Press & hold the Shift key whilst tapping “Continue in Safe Mode” > Sign in to your account > Now the Mac will boot to Safe Mode.
  2. Verify-in case you can view the EFS files or not.
  3. In case the answer is in the affirmative, restart the Mac to the normal mode.
  4. Uninstall the recently installed applications just after which the issue first started.
  5. When it is completed, check if it resolves the missing icon preview for EPS files in macOS Monterey.

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Use a Third-Party Application

There are a few third-party applications that offer the EPS QuickLook preview option. On the Apple Support Forum, a few users test the EPSView application, so you probably either test that one or use any other of your choice. In case you guys are offering a shot to EPS View, get and bring it out to any convenient location on the Computer.

As reported by the developer: “The QuickLook plug-in is inside the app. All you need to do is copy the app to Applications and run it once. After that, QuickLook in the Finder should start working for EPS files.” You should reboot the computer in case the application did not work out on the first try.


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