ADB Sideload Status 1: How to Update package is an older Error

Update package

Today we will show you the steps to rectify the ADB Sideload Status 1: The update package is an older error. There are a few ways via which you can easily flash a firmware or OTA update on your device. The simplest approach is to directly get it from the device’s Settings menu. But you may have to wait for some time before your device could get blessed with an update. This is just because these updates are rolled out in batches.

Actually, the users who got the update normally capture the OTA file & upload it so that the ones who have not yet got the OTA can manually install this update on their device right away, thereby skipping the long wait. Yet the installation method is concerned, alright! it’s the ADB sideload process that is the go-to choice for different users.

Boot your device to recovery mode, choose the sideload method & afterward flash the update ZIP via the adb sideloaad command. But it’s demonstrated to be simpler said than completed for some users. Users have reported that they are getting the ADB Sideload Status 1: Update package is an older error. In case you are also getting this error so you are not alone. Here we will show you the steps in order to rectify this issue.

Rectify ADB Sideload Status 1: Update package is an older Error

It is the complete error message (here xxxxx is the newer firmware version & yyyyyy is the older one).

Update package is actually an older than the latest creation, expected a build latest than timestamp xxxxxxx however, package has timestamp yyyyyy & downgrade isn’t permitted.

So what is actually happening is that the user is trying to perform a downgrade, i.e flashing a previous firmware over the new one. Downgrading & rollbacking to an earlier security patch or even to an earlier OS is entirely permitted, however, not through this process.

Note that when you guys are flashing a previous update file over the new one, then all the partitions will be flashed through their respective IMG (& BIN) files. However, a flashing method is only possible in an unlocked bootloader. While on the contrary, the users who are now getting this error are trying to downgrade on a locked bootloader. Thus are greeted with this error message. Aside from that, even if you guys have an unlocked bootloader, you may still get this error message.

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Further Detail

This is just because the stock sideloading method has never been designed. In order to perform a downgrade. In case you guys try downgrading using sideloading. Now you are bound to get the ADB Sideload Status 1: Update package is an older error message. So how to fix this problem? Alright! In case you want to downgrade or roll back to a prior build, at that time you guys will have to bid adieu to the ADB Sideload & try out an alternate method of firmware flashing.

You can also use the Fastboot Commands or your OEM-specific tools. Just like Android Flash Tool for Pixel/Mi Flash Tool for Xiaomi, etc. Both these processes support the downgrading method. But the Flash Tool method is normally preferred as it is straightforward to execute. But in case you guys want more granular controls over this method, select the Fastboot Command.

Remember that no matter which process you guys go for actually, simply unlock the bootloader on your device. Besides, the downgrading method will clear all the data from the device.

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